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You want to be surrounded by people who share your values—and who will give you space to do your own thing. Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. This is a lovely time to connect with others, not just in romance, but in everyday life at work and in your social life, too.

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Even your enemies might warm up to you! Mercury squares off with Mars on January 8, creating a confrontational energy—people are in an impulsive mood. Deep, emotional transformations take place on January 11, when the sun meets with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth—this is also major for your sex life, since passionate intimacy is in the air maybe even some kinky activities! A serious mood arrives on January 13, as Mercury and Saturn meet.

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Distracting yourself with work is never a good long-term plan, but rounding up all the junk in your home and tossing it out is a great idea. A block in communication is likely to come up—use this time to think rather than talk.

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  • Other obstacles pop up, especially around connecting with people or working out issues concerning money as Mars squares off with Saturn on January Things flow more easily when Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25—this will also be an exciting time for your relationships, since the energy is generous and proactive.

    Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13 for the first of three times this year: getting real about your relationships and figuring out how it all fits in with your career plans will be crucial. Jupiter exaggerates and Neptune is the planet of fantasy. While this is fab for your creativity, it also means that many of your worries, plans, fears, or promises, are just your imagination running wild. Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14, and your imagination flourishes. January 18 is a brilliant time to meet people, go on dates, or plan a meeting, thanks to the connection between Venus and Mars.

    Venus meets Jupiter on January 22, bringing an absolutely lovely vibe to your relationships—your partners are in an affectionate and generous mood!

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    Intense and intimate secrets are shared when Mercury meets Pluto on January You will focus on achieving your long-term goals and stay well-balanced. This means that other areas of your life do not need to suffer from your strong work ethic and determination. Relationships with men and superiors will be serious, practical and beneficial.

    Valuable guidance comes from elders and leaders. The Five of Wands often refers to competition. But you have to try, to see results.

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    When the Five of Wands appears, you need to believe in yourself stronger than ever. Hold your head up high, and have faith that you will end up in the place that is right for you. You may be thinking of making a career change.

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