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It is also decidedly better than diarrhea or nausea. Since Nico and I got cut off the night prior, I use a few spare minutes in the morning to finish our conversation. This time, Kelly is the astrologer on the other end of the app. Kelly and I get back on the subject of Mercury retrograde. In other words, this is creating an extreme tension in your chart, forming an opposition across the axis that governs local community and far-reaching interests, respectively. A few of my favorites: reset, restore, reconsider, retreat, review, remember, recall, rewind, renew, reminisce, return, release, remind, reevaluate, respond, reset.

This sounds about right. That night, I have dinner with two childhood friends and text my astrologer midmeal. I am in a pleasant mood, so I am not sure I have much to chat about. My two friends are excited and huddle around my phone as I call an astrologer, who turns out to be Nico. Tonight I decide to ask Nico about my dating situation.

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Both ruled by Mercury, there is a strong emphasis on clear communication in your chart. I tend to have nothing to do with marathons, generally. I ask Nico what it means. I connect with an astrologer named Sterling. He pulls up my chart.

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As I begin to type my response, the app shuts down. Mercury Rx, I sigh. Second go with Sterling. For a Wednesday, I am feeling not so bad. I feel quite different than I have in a while, actually. Reset, restore, reconsider. Renew, return, release. Reevaluate, respond, reset. All together, I feel less drained, more energized. I am swimming in the mess and trusting it will take me somewhere.

I have a very difficult time balancing on my right foot. I am mad for a minute and then blame it on the moon. I get to the office, make a bowl of oatmeal, and start my reading. Kelly answers.

We discuss more about Mercury retrograde, and how my energy this week has felt the opposite of last—uncontained and frenetic. I go to therapy in the afternoon. I do not tell my therapist I am cheating on her with three astrologers. I have a feeling he is a Capricorn or Cancer; it simultaneously seems as though he is the most intense, hard-working person I've met Cap and that he is the type that a is a crier and b loves his mother more than anything else in the world Cancer.

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Jessica Adams B. Jessica is also a novelist published by Penguin.

An important spiritual leader may arise to prominence at this time, while we could also see problems with spiritual teachers as more abuse and deceptions come to light. The next major aspect that everyone should be aware of is the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January Although the exact aspect doesn't take place until January , it will be activated at several points throughout , and have massive implications as we move through , coloring the entire year.

This is a heavyweight aspect, Saturn's symbolism includes fear, contraction and scarcity, but also maturity, hard work, stability, structure and discipline. Pluto symbolizes power, powerful evolutionary forces of breakdown, death, rebirth and regeneration; ultimately bringing a higher state of awareness and function. In this conjunction Pluto will break down the economic, political and cultural structures represented by Saturn, so they can be regenerated for the new cycle.

If it seems like the world is falling apart, it is! Together with Uranus moving into Taurus in March, stability and security will be significant issues for us collectively and personally to grapple with as major personal, political or economic structures we have come to depend on may begin to crumble. The opposition half way point in the cycle occurred in and corresponded to the bursting of the Dot. Another opposition in saw the escalation of the Vietnam war and massive social unrest. Right now it looks like we may see the US facing off against China in this new - cycle as China rises as a world super power, and one of the dominant world powers vying for influence.

And the potential for a resolution of trade disputes between China and the US looks grim under this aspect. This recession could begin in and the Astrological aspects indicate a recession could last well into In terms of investments, it may be time to switch to capital preservation and liquidity as we move into High returns may be elusive.

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However, for the savvy investor, this crisis point may bring many opportunities, as many assets from stocks to real estate may be at decade cycle low points. This year a new moon solar eclipse on January 5th , tightly conjunct both Saturn and Pluto will activate this aspect strongly.

Eclipses have to do specifically with shadows, Saturn is about fear and control and Pluto is about power.

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Look for some major turbulence in global markets as well as major political and economic events to unfold with this eclipse. This close contact in April will give us more good info about the exact conjunction, with the broader themes becoming a lot more clear. The situations with the US and Iran and N. Korea are always possible triggers for a global crisis. It's also important to note that Jupiter will enter Capricorn on DEC 2 , and Jupiter will ultimately conjoin both Saturn and Pluto in potentially exaggerating and adding more drama to a crisis.

This grouping of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto hasn't occurred in over years, making this cycle a potentially grand historical cycle, something akin to the reset of the Mayan calendar for western astrology. How this effect us personally? The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto complex alignment falls at 22 degrees Capricorn and 1 degree Aquarius, wherever this complex alignment falls in our personal natal chart may indicate areas of our lives that may see dramatic changes, and are ripe for a major once in a lifetime transformation and reset.

The problem is that Saturn indicates areas that may be especially difficult for us to let go of and let transformation occur. If this forms aspects to other planets in our chart this would be very important as well.

One of the more favorable major aspects of , the Saturn Neptune sextile indicates successfully turning dreams into reality! And in We will be able to balance some of our highest ideals with practical reality. This will act to counter balance the overly dreamy Jupiter Neptune square.


It gives us the indication that with hard work and realistic approach, we may be able to successfully implement and manifest some of our highest visions, dreams and higher ideals into practical applications and give them material form and structure. This aspect also indicates a balance between the spiritual and the material worlds, between ideals and practicality. This aspect also indicates healthy boundaries that are neither too diffuse nor too rigid, but rather a perfect balance that allows desirable energies to pass through but is strong enough to keep disharmonious and unwanted energies out.

This aspect is especially favorable for accomplishing highly technical, spiritual practices that require hard work and discipline to master the technique.

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The aspect is in effect for the entire duration of these dates from Jan - Nov but is heightened within the exact date ranges. These dates would be especially favorable for meditation, yoga, ceremonial or ritual practices or other types of spiritual retreats. This also indicates the beginning of an important new cycle and new era.

Uranus symbolizes revolution, freedom and liberation, innovation, disruption and new technology.